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Journal section "Civil society"

Protest activity as an element of legal socialization

Lastovkina D.A.

2 (2), 2015

Lastovkina D.A. Protest activity as an element of legal socialization. Social area, 2015, no. 2 (2). URL: http://socialarea-journal.ru/article/1706?_lang=en

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This article discusses the concept of legal socialization, in particular, the phenomenon of legal socialization of the youth. Against the backdrop of worsening of socio-economic and political relations in the Russian society the issues of the youth’s socialization are becoming relevant. The process of person’s socialization, including legal socialization can include various forms of social activity; they are indicators of the effectiveness of these processes. The term “legal socialization” was used in the 1960s. Jean Carbonnier, a French sociologist, was one of the most famous researchers of this phenomenon. He drew attention to the sociality of legal phenomena and especially emphasized the difference between laws and manners, customs, and other regulatory systems. The purpose of this article is to analyze social activity, such as protest activity, on the example of the youth in the Vologda Oblast. The results show that the indicators of protest moods of the youth in the Vologda Oblast have a rather weak dynamics. The youth as a socially-demographic group stands out, as it participates in all social spheres and, at the same time, is characterized by innovativeness In the process of person’s socialization the youth age becomes most bright, emotional and effective. The youth in civil society and legal state, like all social groups, faces the system of law and justice. Legal socialization of personality is the defined totality of legal phenomena, the formation of a culturally and morally mature society member, meeting social requirements, capable to orientate in the legal system and act with full awareness of mutual responsibility of social actors for the actions. The research in this social phenomenon requires a comprehensive study of all its structural elements. The formation of legal consciousness is the main result of legal socialization; it is actually an educational moment in the process of socialization


the youth, protest activity, legal socialization, legal policy, protest potential index

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