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Event tourism: methodological aspect [2, 2015]

Leonidova E.G.

Factors Contributing to the Formation of the Youth’s Social Capital [5, 2019]

Yasnikov N.N.

Family Values in Everyday Life of the Modern Society [1, 2019]

Kalachikova O.N. Ukhanova Y.V.

Features and Trends of Women’s Crime in Russia [1, 2021]

Rostovskaya T.K. Bezverbnaya N.A.

Financial Behavior of the Population: Contemporary Trends and Factors [2, 2017]

Belekhova G.V.

Financial Education for Preschoolers: Experience Review and Development of a Program for Children with Disabilities [4, 2019]

Moiseeva D.V. Romanenko O.A.

Financial Exclusion of the Older Generation [4, 2019]

Barsukov V.N. Belekhova G.V.

Financial Literacy of Pensioners and Pre-pensioners: Features and the Problem of Trust (the Case of the Regions of the Northwestern Federal District) [4, 2020]

Belekhova G.V. Barsukov V.N.

Fluctuating Employment: Limitations to the Reproduction of Labor Potential [3, 2016]

Ustinova K.A. Gordievskaya A.N.

For the Anniversary of the Editor-in-Chief Shabunova A.A [2, 2021]

Formation and Development of the System to Train Post-Graduate Students in the Vologda Oblast [2, 2019]

Kelsina A.S. Karpov S.G.

Forming Research Competence of Students: Methodological Aspect (Experience of VolRC RAS REC) [4, 2018]

Sukhareva L.M. Kulakova A.B.

Freelancers’ Spatial and Temporal Practices in Armeni [1, 2021]

Vermishyan A.R. Galamdaryan A.N.

From Social Space to Online Social Media Space: Research Approaches and Challenges [5, 2019]

Minina V.N. Vasil’kova V.V.

Gender Features of Disability of the Russian Population [3, 2019]

Natsun L.N.

Grandparental Labor: Theoretical and Methodological Basis of Sociological Study [2, 2021]

Bagirova A.P. Neshataev A.V.

History lessons: 2015 in the mirror of sociological studies (on the materials of ISEDT RAS public opinion monitoring) [2, 2016]

Morev M.V.

Human and Social Capital Formation in the Course of Parenting: Similarities and Differences of the Process, Costs and Results [4, 2019]

Yuzhakova E.V. Bagirova A.P.

Human Development Problems in the Studies of the Vologda Research Center of RAS: Social Labor Context [1, 2021]

Leonidova G.V.

Human Potential of Sustainable Development of the Eurasian Economic Union: Assessment of Dynamics [4, 2021]

Osadchaya G.I. Kiseleva E.Е.

Human Potential of the Child Population: Understanding and Assessment [5, 2018]

Korolenko A.V. Gordievskaya A.N.

Improving Students’ Financial Literacy: Problem Relevance and Experience of the Research-and-Education Center [1, 2019]

Belekhova G.V. Razvarina I.N.

Increasing the Traffic of Scientific Institution Websites and Their Internet Promotion [5, 2016]

Tret’yakova O.V. Makoveyev V.N. Chugreev V.L.


Index of articles published in 2016 [5, 2016]

Index of articles published in 2017 [5, 2017]

Index of articles published in 2018 [5, 2018]

Index of articles published in 2020 [5, 2020]

Information Needs of the Population and Evaluation of Mass media: Regional Research Experience [2, 2020]

Kaminskiy V.S. Bakhvalova I.M.

Interaction Configuration of St. Petersburg Social Movements Organizations Aimed at Improving the Urban Environment Quality [5, 2019]

Tykanova E.V. Khokhlova A.M.