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Fotina A.V.

1 (1), 2015

Fotina A.V. RESEARCH INTO STRATIFICATION OF THE RUSSIAN SOCIETY IN CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC DISCOURSE. Social area, 2015, no. 1 (1). URL: http://socialarea-journal.ru/article/1643?_lang=en

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Th e purpose of this paper is to analyze the issue of stratifi cation of the Russian society in modern science. When studying the theoretical and methodological approaches to this subject, we refer to the scientifi c views of researchers such as K. Marx, M. Weber, P. Sorokin, T. I. Zaslavskaya, V. I. Il’in, V. V. Radaev, O. I. Shkaratan and others. Th e article analyzes the main stages of Russian studies of social stratifi cation. In the framework of the fi rst stage, attempts were made to characterize the system of social stratifi cation in the Soviet Union – its main principles and criteria, and identify the main social strata of the Soviet society. Th e current stage of research on stratifi cation is associated with an attempt to build models of stratifi cation based on the establishment of certain criteria. The paper notes that transitional character and the uncertainty of the state of the Russian society are refl ected on the state of Russia’s science in general and, in particular, on the study of the issue of social stratifi cation. On the one hand, the study of social inequality is now free of several theoretical and methodological dogmas and it was enriched through the access to global achievements of sociology. On the other hand, Russia’s research into this fi eld at the present stage is characterized by excessive diversity of theoretical and methodological provisions: some scientists hold the former principles and approaches, others are actively using Western theories without subjecting them to critical analysis from the point of view of applicability to the national system of social stratifi cation


social inequality, social stratifi cation, soviet society, russian society

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