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От главного редактора [1, 2016]

Shabunova A.A.

Обращение главного редактора [1, 2015]

. Financial Literacy of the Population and Certain Parameters, Determining It [2, 2019]

Ustinova K.A.

“Lifeworld” Concept in Symbolic Interactionism, Phenomenology and Communicative Action Pragmatics. Part I [1, 2024]

Andrianova E.V. Davydenko V.A. Khudyakova Y.

“Time for Children”: Modern Parents’ Resource Opportunities [5, 2019]

Korolenko A.V. Kalachikova O.N.

A Concept Model of Labor Potential Reproduction at the Municipal Level: an Agent-Based Approach [4, 2017]

Rossoshanskaya E.A.

A Model for Forecasting the Rate of Consumer Price Index (Inflation): Case Study of the Russian Federation [1, 2016]

Alfer'ev D.A.

About Some of the Results of the 2015 Microcensus of the Population [2, 2017]

Korolenko A.V. Kalachikova O.N.

About the Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to the Study of Electoral Behavior of the Population [1, 2017]

Kaminskiy V.S.

Active Ageing in the Life Practices of the Vologda Oblast Population [1, 2022]

Korolenko A.V.

Active Longevity: Opportunities, Life Attitudes and Social Practices of Elderly [2, 2023]

Kas’yanova T.I. Voronina L.I. Zaitseva E.V.

Agricultural Sector’s Performance of the Vologda Oblast in the Estimates of the Agricultural Organizations’ Heads [2, 2020]

Patrakova S.S.

Alcohol Consumption by the Russian Population: Spatial, Age and Gender Features [1, 2022]

Vyal’shina A.A.

Analysis and Statistical Patterns Search Automation in Addressing the Challenges of Empirical Sociology [3, 2016]

Lastochkina M.A. Lastochkin A.N.

Analysis of the Dynamics and Structure of Final Consumption in the Region [3, 2020]

Leonidova E.G.

Application of Factor Analysis in the Measurement of Social Capital [4, 2017]

Guzhavina T.A. Vorobeva I.N.

Approaches to Assess Enterprise Efficiency Depending on the Implementation of Information Computer Technology in Financial and Economic Activity [5, 2018]

Alfer'ev D.A.

Approaches to the Definition of Social Health Empirical Indicators [1, 2020]

Morev M.V. Shmatova Y.E.

Assessing Migration Situation in the Vologda Oblast [5, 2020]

Budilov A.P. Kalachikova O.N.

Assessing the Role of the Business Sector in Region’s Social Development [4, 2018]

Kremin A.E.

Assessing the State of Human Potential in Rural Areas [5, 2018]

Likhacheva T.N. Kalashnikov K.N.

Assessment of Eco-Economic Effect for Specially Protected Areas [3, 2018]

Shkiperova G.T.

Assessment of Elderly People’s Health in the New Campaign of Medical Examination of the Population (Case Study of the Komi Republic) [5, 2019]

Popova L.A. Taranenko N.N.

Assessment of Intersectoral Coordination in the Development of Social Innovation at the Regional Level [4, 2019]

Solov’eva T.S. Popov A.V.

Assessment of Relationship between Population’s Life Attitudes and Ideas about Active Longevity [2, 2022]

Natsun L.N.

Assessment of the Administrative Climate of Functioning of Small Business in the Vologda Oblast [3, 2019]

Kremin A.E.

Assessment of the state of the nonprofit organizations sector [3, 2017]

Artamonova A.S.

Assessments of susceptibility to the components of social space and to the levels of environmental threats [3, 2017]

Davydenko V.A. Romashkina G.F.

Attitude of the Vologda Oblast Residents to the Mass Media (According to the June 2022Survey Results) [3, 2022]

Morev M.V. Gordievskaya A.N.

Attitude of the Vologda Oblast Residents to the Mass Media (According to the Survey Results in June 2021) [3, 2021]

Morev M.V. Bakhvalova I.M. Gordievskaya A.N.