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Consumer sentiment of the population in the Vologda Oblast amid the crisis

Dement’eva I.N.

2 (4), 2016

Dement’eva I.N. Consumer sentiment of the population in the Vologda Oblast amid the crisis. Social area, 2016, no. 2 (4). URL: http://socialarea-journal.ru/article/1849?_lang=en

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The article considers features of consumer sentiment of the region’s population amid the economic crisis. The author analyzes the dynamics of summary consumer sentiment index and its subscripts. The research is based on the data of the Vologda Oblast public opinion monitoring. The results of sociological observations reveal that due to the crisis consumer sentiment falls. Characteristics of personal material situation of people become worse. Families’ expectations of changes in their material situation in the next 12 months, feasibility study of the purchasing of durable goods, people’s opinion on the perspectives of the country’s economy development become less positive. All calculated indicators do not pass 100 points; according to the calculation method it gives evidence of negative estimates predominance. The comparative characteristic of the data in view of different socio-demographic and profitable groups records the decrease of the indicators in all population categories. The author determines and considers main factors affecting the changing of consumer sentiment in the region. Decrease in income, purchasing power loss, aggravation of inflation expectations contribute to the negative reaction in consumer sentiment amid the economic crisis in the country and the region in 2015. They affect not only consumer sentiment but also social well-being in general. Following the study, the author concludes that emerging negative trends in the dynamics of consumer sentiment can lead to complex negative consequences and most important to the collapse in confidence in authorities. The further dynamics in the Vologda Oblast public perception of economic situation in the country and the region and thus the level of trust in authorities’ activity in the first place will depend on their ability to guaranty growth of income of socially vulnerable groups, implementation of antiinflationary activities and raise of confidence in future – concerning the economy in general and personal perspectives in particular


public opinion, consumer sentiment, present situation index, expectation index, real disposable household income profitable groups

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