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Regional Features and Preconditions of Longevity in Russia

Korolenko A.V.

4 (6), 2016

Korolenko A.V. Regional Features and Preconditions of Longevity in Russia. Social area, 2016, no. 4 (6). URL: http://socialarea-journal.ru/article/2015?_lang=en

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Amid the rising aging rates of the population and the inevitably increasing demographic load of the elderly on the working age population, the problem of increasing life expectancy and the population’s active ageing. The purpose for this study is to explore the demographic preconditions and regional features of longevity in Russia. It has been proved that despite similar demographic aging trends in our country and in developed countries which have made an ultimate demographic transition, its qualitative aspect has significant differences: a substantial life expectancy rates gap (Life Expectancy and Healthy Life Expectancy rates), a significant gender gap in these parameters, low probability of surviving up to the age of 60. The author presents the analysis of population ageing indicators, in particular longevity index in Russian regions. It has been revealed that the subjects of the Central Federal District are the leading in terms of longevity. The Vologda Oblast takes the 20th place in longevity index value. The author has considered the index performance over the past 25 years and highlighted significant territorial (rural/urban) and gender (male/female) differences in the index value. The author also reviewed the existing concepts of active ageing in order to optimize the aging policy in various spheres such as the elderly population involvement in the labor market, its social inclusion and healthcare. It has been noted that these concepts are currently being implemented at several levels: international (The UN Principle of active ageing, the WHO principle of healthy ageing), federal (The action plan to protect the elderly population up to 2025) and municipal (The Concept of active ageing in a municipal unit up to 2035 “Vologda – a city of long livers”). The author concludes that there is a need to study the active longevity factors by using sociological methods, including in-depth interviews with long livers – the representatives of the “third age” population


demographic aging, elderly, long livers, longevity index, active ageing

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