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Some Socio-Cultural Characteristics of Development of Russia in the Conditions of Increasing Globalization

Lastochkina M.A.

2 (9), 2017

Lastochkina M.A. Some Socio-Cultural Characteristics of Development of Russia in the Conditions of Increasing Globalization. Social area, 2017, no. 2 (9). URL: http://socialarea-journal.ru/article/2255?_lang=en

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The article examines the socio-cultural changes having taken place in Russia from perestroika times till the present day. The opportunities and limits of socio-economic transformations during periods of transition from one social development to another are indicated. It is shown that socio-economic reforms implemented in Russia in the 1990s were indisputably progressive and profound in nature. Their main drawback is that they were carried out "from above" and without assessing the social consequences that have been manifesting for more than 25 years. The social, psychological, physiological state of Russians was not evaluated and not taken into account, while the population had difficulty in adapting to sweeping changes. The problem of establishing an innovative, modernized society is analyzed on the basis of social research materials and the facts of recent years. The work covers only a small part of a large aspect, and it is the movement of Russia along the path of humanistic modernization. Thus, the purpose of this study is to consider the dynamics of the social well-being of the population in the context of modernization reforms. Obstacles to the realization of humanistic evolution in the Russian Federation are revealed in the approach for striking a balance between the preservation of state independence, territorial integrity and the transition to new technological ways of life. Bureaucracy, corruption and private interests lead to socio-cultural stagnation and to the potential capacities decrease of the Russian civilization. The existence of these trends is confirmed by the low demand of the cultural potential of the population of the Russian Federation, including the existence of urgent tasks for the country's population, which have not been solved over the years. The discussion of the issues outlined in the article supposes the determination of the real possibilities and limits of the development that began in the country at the turn of the century. The qualitative changes of the Russian society revealed during the studies can be defined as a sort of "peaceful" revolution that has been occurring for the last two and a half decades, and now it is achieving its culminating point. At least, from the point of view of changing of the social structure, it is time for a relatively quiet evolutionary development


society, social feeling, socio-cultural development, modernization changes

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