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Journal section "Socio-economic research"

Assessment of the state of the nonprofit organizations sector

Artamonova A.S.

3 (10), 2017

Artamonova A.S. Assessment of the state of the nonprofit organizations sector. Social area, 2017, no. 3 (10). URL: http://socialarea-journal.ru/article/2313?_lang=en

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In the context of civil society development and the assessment of efficiency of social problems of the population, there has been a growing focus on nonprofit organizations. In developed countries, nonprofit organizations have long been important participants in socio-economic life, while in Russia the "third" sector is in the process of being developed. The problem is of particular importance at the level of the Russian regions. To have a full understanding of the issue, especially with regard to Russian realities, there is a need for comprehensive studies of the functioning of the nonprofit sector, including their contribution to the economy, and the degree of their impact on the socio-economic development of the regions. Meanwhile, for the moment Russian researches on the assessment of the activities of nonprofit organizations and the state of the sector are focusing, on the one hand, on measuring their efficiency, and on the other hand, on forming a civil society. However, theoretical studies are not always sufficiently confirmed by empirical evidence. This article is therefore based on collected empirical evidence and its purpose is to identify the main trends in the choice of organizational and legal forms of nonprofit organizations, as well as the most common areas of their activities. To achieve this goal, it is supposed to solve the issues concerning the study of theoretical aspects related to the conceptual apparatus on the research problem, the review of existing classifications of nonprofit organizations, the comparison of statistical indicators of the number of nonprofit organizations, and the analysis of uneven development of the sector in the territorial entities of the Northwestern Federal District. The purpose is to be achieved by comparing the indicators which describe the state of the "third" sector in the Northwestern Federal District. The article provides data on the total number of nonprofit organizations in the Russian Federation and in the Northwestern Federal District separately, as well as by territorial entities per 1000 inhabitants; analyzes the structure of nonprofit organizations registered in accordance with a special procedure (the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation). The primary sources of information are the data of the Federal State Statistics Service, the Federal Tax Service, and the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. The research indicates predominance of public organizations among the organizational and legal forms of nonprofit organizations with the share being about one third of the total number. As for the areas of their activity, nonprofit organizations are mostly used in the sport, cultural, recreation sectors, as well as the sectors of education and human rights activities


non-governmental nonprofit organizations, the northwestern federal district, the “third” sector

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