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Development and Current State of Research-and-Technology Cooperation

Shabanova E.P.

5 (17), 2018

Kuznetsova E.P. Development and current state of research-technology cooperation. Social area, 2018, no. 5 (17). DOI: 10.15838/sa.2018.5.17.9

DOI: 10.15838/sa.2018.5.17.9

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One of the key conditions for sustainable development in modern Russia’s current economic system is the development of research-and-technology cooperation. In this regard, the article is devoted to the study of research-and- technology cooperation as a tool to stimulate socio-economic development of the Russian territory. The paper presents a study of historical aspects of development and formation of science and production, as well as their interaction in various socio-economic conditions. The author analyzes the current state of research in the sphere of development of research-and-technology cooperation, which concluded that this problem is not sufficiently studied. The state of research-and-technology cooperation in Russia is identified. Analysis of research into the problem of the current state of research-and-technology cooperation in Russia helped identify the key problems hindering the development of cooperation between science and industry. The conditions necessary for focusing joint action of science and industry are identified. The research results contribute to the development and systematization of the theoretical framework of the problem under study. Creating favorable conditions to focus on joint action of industrial enterprises and the research sector will help accelerate the development and implementation of R&D in production and improvement of Russia’s socio-economic development. The article applies general logical research methods and techniques such as analysis, abstraction, generalization, deduction, analogy, etc. The next stage will identify a system of state support for the interaction of science and business in the Russian regions


industrial enterprises, research-and-technology cooperation, research sector, science – technology – production

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