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Distance Education: Theoretical and Methodological Aspect

Sukhareva L.M., Kulakova A.B.

1 (3), 2016

Sukhareva L.M., Kulakova A.B. Distance Education: Theoretical and Methodological Aspect. Social area, 2016, no. 1 (3). URL: http://socialarea-journal.ru/article/1807?_lang=en

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The article deals with theoretical and methodological approaches to the establishment and implementation of distance learning in the history of education. During its development, distance learning was presented by different models: “teacher - one or more students”, “teacher - many students”, “many teachers - many students”, and the integrating model of modernity. The article substantiates the urgency of the issue and the importance of the system of distance cooperation in education and professional formation. It discloses key features of distance learning as an activity, and presents didactic requirements for content-based distance-learning technology. The authors reviewed and analyzed approaches to the definition of “distance learning”, which is the subject of the work of the following scientists: A.A. Andreev, D.A. Bogdanova, A.A. Fedoseyev, Y.P. Gospodarik, E.S. Polat, A.E. Petrov, V.G. Domrachev, A.V. Khutorskoi, A.B. Nikitin, V.S. Sinegal, V.A. Sorotski, I.A. Tsikin and others. The article also highlights the implementation of distance learning principles in practice. This form of education is reflected in the activities of the Research and Educational Center for Economics and Information Technology, based at the Institute of Socio-Economic Development of Territories of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which trains students in economics. The Online Economic School has been functioning at REC ISEDT RAS since 2010; it provides distance interaction with students and their supervisors from different regions of Russia. The Online Economic School has three areas of work: implementation of the educational process; organizing student participation in competitions and contests; counseling. The content of each of these areas has its own objectives in order to achieve the common goal of the Online Economic School at REC ISEDT RAS, which is to organize distance (network) learning for students of secondary educational institutions. The experience of distance education at REC ISEDT RAS can be useful for professionals in educational and scientific spheres


distance education, research and education center, distance learning, information technology, online economic school

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