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Internet Conference “Global Challenges and Regional Development in the Mirror of Sociological Assessment” [1, 2016]

Morev M.V. Paranicheva I.V.

Issues of Application of Geo-Information Technologies in Agent-Based Modeling of the Regional Forest Complex [5, 2017]

Gulin K.A. Rigin V.A.

Issues of Identifying Gifted Children in Russia [5, 2017]

Razvarina I.N. Gruzdeva M.A.

Issues of Vologda Oblast Industry Development in 2017 [4, 2018]

Mel'nikov A.E.

Journal “Social Area” in the Assessments of Its Readers [1, 2017]

Zagrebel’nyi A.V.

Labor Potential Assessment of Rural Territories of the Northwestern Federal District [5, 2016]

Likhacheva T.N.

Labor Productivity and Capital to Labor Ratio in Ensuring the Economic growth of the Russian Regions [1, 2018]

Rastvortseva S.N.

Labor Protests in Modern Russia: Types and Conditions [2, 2017]

Kalashnikov K.N.

Latent Narcotism and Measures to Improve Prevention and Response to the Drug Threat [3, 2019]

Baranovskii N.A.

Main Employment Trends and Features in Modern Russia [5, 2020]

Popov A.V.

Main Theoretical Approaches to the Definition of the Category of “Labor Behavior”: Domestic and Foreign Research Experience [5, 2017]

Popov A.V. Solov’eva T.S.

Malignant Neoplasms as a Threat to Public Health (Case Study of the Vologda Oblast) [1, 2019]

Natsun L.N.

Mass media from the perspective of public opinion amid the crisis [2, 2016]

Molodov O.B.

Methodical approach to the evaluation of social innovation projects [2, 2015]

Mukhacheva S.V.

Methodological Aspects of Assessing the Functioning of the Region’s Innovation Infrastructure [3, 2020]

Sahanevich D.Y.

Methodological Issues of Measuring Adaptation Potential of a Professional Group: Case Study of Teachers’ Community [3, 2020]

Golovchin M.A.

Metropolitan Students’ E-Culture: Gender Aspects [4, 2020]

Kargapolov S.V. Anufrieva E.V.

Migration Policy and Causes of Migration in the Vologda Oblast [4, 2019]

Budilov A.P.

Models for the Formation of Social Institutions in the Structure of the Institutional Environment of the Regional Forest Complex [5, 2017]

Dianov S.V.

Modern Russian Family: Factors of Forming Reproductive and Marital Behavior Models [4, 2021]

Vasil’eva E.N. Baimurzina G.R.

Monitoring of the Modern Social Policy for Elderly Citizens of Moscow [4, 2017]

Malyshev M.L.

Mortality in Russian Regions in the Current Decade: Trends, Structure, and Differentiation of Indicators [3, 2020]

Korolenko A.V.

Neuro-Psychological Child Health: Current Issues of Evaluation (According to Monitoring Data of the Vologda Oblast) [5, 2016]

Razvarina I.N. Natsun L.N.

New in the Methodology of Studying a Social Space, or What Is Agent-based Modeling? [4, 2016]

Rossoshanskaya E.A.

New ISEDT RAS issues [3, 2016]

Objectives and Prospects of Introducing Smart-Technology in the Educational Process [1, 2018]

Mironenko E.S.

On Main Trajectories of the Transformation of the Educational and Pedagogical Segment of the Social Space [1, 2020]

Shestakova N.N.


Guzhavina T.A.

On the Issue of the Alternative Ways of Evaluating Scientific Results [5, 2020]

Artamonova A.S. Tret’yakova O.V.

On the issue of work satisfaction in the organization (case study of ISEDT RAS) [2, 2016]

Kulakova A.B.