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Parents’ Assessment of Activities of the Research-and-Education Center [1, 2018]

Duryagina N.N.

Participation as an Element of Democracy in the Russian Society [2, 2018]

Ukhanova Y.V.

Peculiarities and Prospects of Regional Economic Growth of the Russian European North [5, 2016]

Uskov V.S.

Performance and Modern Features of Labor Potential Quality Development [3, 2018]

Rossoshanskaya E.A.

Performance of the Vologda Oblast Industry in the Estimates Provided by Industrial Enterprises Managers [4, 2020]

Shirokova E.Y.

Physical Health in Subjective Assessments of the Population of the Vologda Oblast: Territorial Aspect [1, 2017]

Korolenko A.V. Kalachikova O.N.

Population Welfare in the Studies of the Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences [4, 2020]

Leonidova G.V. Basova E.A. Belekhova G.V. Rossoshanskii A.I. Gruzdeva M.A.

Population’s Attitude to the Media [3, 2018]

Ozornina S.V. Bakhvalova I.M. Gordievskaya A.N.

Population’s Health and Self-Preservation Behavior within the Context of COVID-19 [3, 2020]

Shabunova A.A.

Post-Covid Medical Rehabilitation: Resources, New Opportunities and Problems [2, 2021]

Goroshko N.V. Emel’yanova E.K. Patsala S.V.

Postgraduate Studies in Russia: Before and After the Reform [4, 2018]

Mironenko E.S.

Potential Resources of a Russian Family in the Social Capital Formation of the Future Generations [1, 2018]

Guzhavina T.A.

Precarious Employment in Russia’s Regions: Experience of Correlation Analysis [1, 2017]

Panov A.M.

Principles of and Approaches to Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training of Scientific Personnel in Graduate School [4, 2017]

Kelsina A.S.

Priorities of Scientific and Technological Development as a Tool for Reducing Income Differentiation of the Population [4, 2017]

Mazilov E.A.

Protest activity as an element of legal socialization [2, 2015]

Lastovkina D.A.

Psycho-Emotional State of Medical Personnel in the Vologda Oblast During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Results of a Sociological Survey [3, 2022]

Shmatova Y.E. Razvarina I.N.

Psychological and Pedagogical Support of Educational Process: Practical Experience [5, 2017]

Kulakova A.B.

Psychological State of the Vologda Oblast Residents during the COVID-19 Pandemic [3, 2021]

Shmatova Y.E.

Quality of Working Life of the Employed Population in the Pre-Pandemic and Pandemic Period (Regional Aspect) [1, 2022]

Belekhova G.V.

Raising the Retirement Age in Russia: Economic Necessity and Demographic Risks [1, 2016]

Barsukov V.N.

Reasons for Postponing Childbirth and Society’s Attitude to Childlessness: Results of In-Depth Interviews with Russian Families [3, 2022]

Korolenko A.V. Kalachikova O.N.

Regional Characteristics of the Quality of Life of the Russian Population [5, 2018]

Rossoshanskii A.I.

Regional Features and Preconditions of Longevity in Russia [4, 2016]

Korolenko A.V.

Regional Features of Russia’s Development: Analysis of Individual Subsystems and Integrated Assessment of Sustainability [5, 2018]

Gruzdeva M.A.

Religious Tolerance Level of Students of Russia’s Pedagogical Universities [1, 2022]

Idiatullov A.K.


Fotina A.V.

Reserves for Increasing the Population’s Pension Provision Level [5, 2020]

Vasilyeva E.V.

Results of the International Scientific and Practical Conference 5th Lower Volga Readings “Socio-Political, Economic and Demographic Aspects of the Development of Modern Society” [4, 2021]

Shabunova A.A. Rostovskaya T.K. Vasil’eva E.N.

Revisiting Human Capacity of the Socio-Cultural Subsystem of the Region [3, 2016]

Solov’eva T.S.