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Strategic Planning of Small Business Development in a Region [5, 2018]

Kremin A.E.

Structure of Life Quality of the Population in Russian and Foreign Studies [1, 2016]

Rossoshanskii A.I. Rossoshanskaya E.A.

Study Results by the Method to Assess Readiness of Children Aged 14–17 to Realize Their Employment Potential [4, 2018]

Razvarina I.N.

Supplementary vocational education in a scientific organization: special aspects and perspectives [3, 2017]

Mironenko E.S. Жданова Л.В.

Systematization of Approaches to Mathematical Modeling of Industrial Enterprises’ Innovative Activity [5, 2019]

Alfer'ev D.A.

Systematization of Directions of Government Programs on Stimulation of Research and Production Cooperation in NWFD [4, 2019]

Kuznetsova E.P.

Tax Behavior and Improved Tax Culture of the Taxpayers [1, 2019]

Galukhin A.V.

Teaching Dynasties: How Useful They can be to the City and the Local Community [5, 2018]

Kolesnikova E.M.

The “Ideal” and the “Real” Quality of Work Life as Estimated by the Employed Population of the Vologda Oblast [1, 2020]

Ivanovskaya A.L.

The Attitude of Residents of the Vologda Oblast to the Media (according to the survey in June 2019) [3, 2019]

Morev M.V. Ozornina S.V. Bakhvalova I.M. Gordievskaya A.N.

The Correlation between Social Exclusion and Modernization of the Regional Community [2, 2018]

Popov A.V.

The Development of the Internet of Things as Tools of Implementation of the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Country [2, 2017]

Uskov V.S.

The Focus of the Historical Process in the Context of Global-Regional Interaction [1, 2018]

Oboturova G.N.

The Image of a Prosperous Family through the Eyes of Residents of Russian Regions: Sociological Analysis [4, 2021]

Rostovskaya T.K. Zolotareva O.А. Knyaz’kova E.A.

The issues of the functioning of the institute of local government (Based on a survey of heads of municipal entities of the Northwestern Federal District and the Vologda Oblast) [3, 2017]

Voroshilov N.V.

The Life Sphere Approach in the Formulation and Implementation of Migration Policy [1, 2019]

Kapitsyn V.M.

The Outcomes of 2017 in People’s Assessments [1, 2018]

Ozornina S.V. Gordievskaya A.N.

The Quality of Megalopolis Environment as an Element of Living Standards: Assessment of Territorial Differentiation [4, 2021]

Bagirova A.P. Notman O.V.

The Results of 2018 in Population's Estimates [1, 2019]

Morev M.V. Ozornina S.V. Gordievskaya A.N. Bakhvalova I.M.

The Results of 2019 in Population's Estimates [1, 2020]

Ozornina S.V. Bakhvalova I.M. Gordievskaya A.N.

The Results of 2020 in Population's Estimates in the Vologda Oblast [1, 2021]

Morev M.V. Bakhvalova I.M. Gordievskaya A.N.

The Role of Budget-Forming Enterprises in Municipal Development (the Case of the Vologda Oblast [3, 2021]

Pechenskaya-Polishchuk M.A. Malyshev M.K.

The Role of Social Institutions in Regulating Female Crime [3, 2021]

Terekhov A.M. Vinogradova A.A. Nevskaya D.A. Novozhilova A.A.

The Social Infrastructure in Small and Medium Cities in the Komi Republic [3, 2019]

Sekushina I.A.

The Status of a Teacher in the Modern Russian Society [1, 2018]

Solov’eva T.S.

The Status of Men and Women in the Vologda Oblast [3, 2018]

Lysov A.G. Zakharova I.V. Ivanchikova T.N.

The Vologda Oblast Industrial Enterprises’ Development Results in 2018 [5, 2019]

Shirokova E.Y.

The Younger Generation and Modernization [5, 2016]

Lastochkina M.A.

Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Assessing Regions’ Provision with Objects of Innovative Infrastructure [2, 2021]

Sahanevich D.Y.

Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of the Study of the Phenomenon of Professional Vocation [1, 2017]

Golovchin M.A.