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Social Well-Being of Students: State and Dynamics amid the Crisis [3, 2016]

Guzhavina T.A. Lastovkina D.A.

Social Well-Being of the Elderly Generation in the Conditions of the Economic Crisis and Pension System Reform [5, 2020]

Popova L.A. Zorina E.N.

Social Well-Being of the Residents of the Vologda Oblast in the Post-Crisis Period [5, 2018]

Kaminskiy V.S.

Socio-Cultural Characteristics of Rural Population [4, 2016]

Kalachikova O.N. Gruzdeva M.A.

Socio-Cultural Perspective of Regional Development: Experience of Long-Term Observations [2, 2022]

Gruzdeva M.A.

Socio-Demographic Portrait of a Successful Employee (Case Study of Sociological Survey) [2, 2022]

Leonidova G.V.

Socio-Economic Analysis of a Living Standard of Older Generation in the Vologda Oblast [4, 2018]

Barsukov V.N.

Socio-Economic Aspects of the Phenomenon of “Trust” [4, 2022]

Medvedeva E.I.

Socio-Economic Situation in the Region as Assessed by the Vologda Oblast Population That Trusts Government Institutions [1, 2016]

Guzhavina T.A. Lastovkina D.A.

Sociobiological Well-Being of School-Age Children in Parents' Estimates (the Case of the Republic of Tatarstan) [4, 2020]

Zinatullina G.F.

Sociological Monitoring of the Image of Psychiatry and Mental Illness in Social Media during the Pandemic: Results and Solutions [3, 2022]

Bogdan I.V. Vinogradov V.A. Gabov K.I. Iglitsyna I.S. Kuz’menkov V.A. Chistyakova D.P.

Sociological Techniques for Researching the Mentality of Socially Vulnerable Population Groups [5, 2016]

Leonidova G.V. Ustinova K.A. Smoleva E.O.

Sociology of Management in the Chinese Dimension: Institutionalization Problems [4, 2023]

Kremnyov E.V.

Sociotechnical Landscape: Trends of Computer Technologies and Hierarchical String Control Model [2, 2020]

Artemenko M.V.

Some Aspects of the State of a Modern “Institute of Grandmothers”: Experience of Sociological Research [4, 2018]

Korolenko A.V.

Some Socio-Cultural Characteristics of Development of Russia in the Conditions of Increasing Globalization [2, 2017]

Lastochkina M.A.

Space in economic science: theoretical aspects of evolution [2, 2015]

Solov’eva T.S.

State of the Vologda Oblast Agriculture in Farmers’ Estimates: Results of 2019 [5, 2020]

Patrakova S.S.

Strategic Planning of Small Business Development in a Region [5, 2018]

Kremin A.E.

Structure of Life Quality of the Population in Russian and Foreign Studies [1, 2016]

Rossoshanskii A.I. Rossoshanskaya E.A.

Study Results by the Method to Assess Readiness of Children Aged 14–17 to Realize Their Employment Potential [4, 2018]

Razvarina I.N.

Supplementary vocational education in a scientific organization: special aspects and perspectives [3, 2017]

Mironenko E.S. Жданова Л.В.

Systematization of Approaches to Mathematical Modeling of Industrial Enterprises’ Innovative Activity [5, 2019]

Alfer'ev D.A.

Systematization of Directions of Government Programs on Stimulation of Research and Production Cooperation in NWFD [4, 2019]

Shabanova E.P.

Tax Behavior and Improved Tax Culture of the Taxpayers [1, 2019]

Galukhin A.V.

Teaching Dynasties: How Useful They can be to the City and the Local Community [5, 2018]

Kolesnikova E.M.

Teenagers’ View of Additional Education Classes: Targeted and Effective aspects [1, 2022]

Rybicheva O.Y.

Temporality of Social Care: History, Modernity, and Perspectives. 30 Years of Social Education [1, 2022]

Yarskaya-Smirnova V.N. Yarskaya-Smirnova E.R. Zaitsev D.V.

The “Ideal” and the “Real” Quality of Work Life as Estimated by the Employed Population of the Vologda Oblast [1, 2020]

Ivanovskaya A.L.

The Activity of Voluntary Associations in Russia at the Local Level (the Experience of the Russian Region of the Second Half of the 19th – early 20th Century) [5, 2021]

Ukhanova Y.V. Smirnova N.S.